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December 2, 2010
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Pomegranate by hakumo Pomegranate by hakumo
Wanted to draw these forgotten souls, though no colour yet, I finally finally decided on their names! OTL
Left is Adrian, right is Sascha.
They're a close senior-junior until before some things happen.

No, I haven't eat any pomegranate, I like how it sounds.
Sooo don't bite like apple? ...only the name sounds like pomme x) well~ lets say Adrian got it cut open beforehand kkk
omg this winter makes me think of only food...wao

Adrian, Sascha İHermes
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You know, the pomegranates kinda look like a real human heart. and the falling seeds remind of drops of blood. so i found it a bit creepily cute but then i read the words going vertical and realized --oh, it's a pomegranate. (chuckles in embarrassment.) Anyway! This is spectacular! I love the idea of having everything in black and white except the pomegranates. And I like that black hairclip thing behind the ear of the blonde guy; it looks to cute. And the fang-like teeth! And the cat-like pupils of the black-haired guy are such a nice detail...

this is awesome.
funny because today i found this pic on DA and today is the first time I bought a pomegranate all year! I got here b/c I typed in 'fish' and came up with your playground drawing--i saw this pic in your gallery! it was lucky :D

The boys are cute, and their names seem fitting :nod: I will go see your other pics now! :heart:
oo that is pretty interesting how you get to this pic xD I'm glad to hear your comments, thank you!!
It's like they're eating the forbidden fruit..... O.O
Like Persephone who ate the pomme and from then on she belongs to Hades
The concept is just interesting <3
amg yes! i was excited when researching pomegranate to found that, it brushes their story a bit :D
Nice styling! I love pomegranates, but ooh, those boys are going to hurt their teeth! The skin is tough and the pith is bitter. The seeds (the edible part lol) are tart and yummy! I like to spoon them on salads--very Christmasy since they are a winter fruit where I live.
Yessh, now that I had eaten it I know about pomegranates :dummy: I really like the name pomegranate even before knowing it xD
my heart just crushed and burn
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